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As travel becomes a staple in a lot of our yearly goals and activities, visiting dream destinations and creating travel memories have become a bucket list for a lot of people. There are also a lot of places that are very touristy, which made us think of the emerging destinations this 2020. 

If you are looking at visiting new places this year to gain new travel experience, we got you covered on this article.

According to Luxury Travel Magazine, here are the top 5 emerging destinations for 2020: 

  • Croatia
  • Antarctica 
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • Portugal 



Let’s start off with the beautiful Croatia.

Croatia is one of the best places Mediterranean has to offer. Famous for medieval old towns, vibrant ports, and its crystalline Adriatic waters, Croatia is one place you need to give your attention, in case you haven’t been thinking about it yet.

Let us take you on a luxury tour to the Adriatic’s fascinating Eastern coast. These are the possible places you can easily add to your travel itinerary: 

  • Get to know the cultural hub of inland Zagreb.
  • Try out coastal Zadar‘s clever and beautiful interactive city art.
  • Explore seaside Split, a town built inside a Roman emperor’s monumental palace.
  • People watch at the glamorous and green Hvar Island.
  • Discover the Renaissance houses and ancient walls of UNESCO World Heritage Dubrovnik.
  • Take a few days at the charming fishing town of Rovinj.
  • Enjoy the immaculate forests of Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo.
  • Take a day trip to the incredible Plitvice National Park with its otherworldly green and blue lakes and cascading waterfalls, and adventure to pristine, uninhabited islands and islets.



Pristine beaches and beautiful cities might be easier any time of the year, but why not travel to something new this year? How about seeing the majestic icebergs and impressive wildlife of Antartica?

It’s no secret that Antartica is a beautiful place to travel to, and when you’re prepared with the right itinerary, this might just be a new place for you to visit yearly – what with the many things you can discover in this beautiful continent. 

Emperor Penguins Antarctica

Antarctica can be considered as one of the world’s untouched beauty, and with its pure beauty and magnificence, this might be the right time to visit. And how many people can truly say they’ve visited the White continent.

Visit the Antarctic Peninsula or even try staying in one of the Antarctic camps to visit more adventures. 


The landscapes and mountains of Iceland – how is that not something you want to experience? Let us arrange a week long, or even shorter or longer tour for you to experience just every side of Iceland there is. 

Do a snowmobile tour, visit volcanoes, mountainous ranges Iceland highlands and more. Visit the famous Stakkholtsgjá gorge, and the former glacial lagoon Gígjökulslón, which was destroyed in the Eyjafjallajökull eruption. You can do more or do less. You can also do the following: 

  • Discover the country’s black volcanic rock, red-hot lava fields and steaming geysers.
  • Explore the glacial lakes, icebergs and the aquamarine of the Blue Lagoon.
  • Go fishing and spot puffins in the Eastern Fjords.
  • Spend an evening chasing the elusive Northern Lights.
  • Visit the small fishing towns and villages that dot the island’s wild ring road.
  • Dine out in the vibrant cafes and bars of Reykjavik, Iceland’s hip capital.



Japan has its two beautiful sides – on the other one the majesty of a super city, and on the other side, the beauty of the preserved culture and the past. And if you are traveling as far as Japan, might as well see both. And this is in addition to their delicious food and amazing people. 

Here’s a preview of what you can see and do when you are in Japan.

  • Travel by high-speed trains from the bustling, sci-fi cityscapes of Tokyo  and Osaka to tranquil landscapes of the east.
  • Watch kimono-clad geisha shuffle down a Kyoto street.
  • Explore the medieval castle town of Kanazawa.
  • Feel your troubles melt away in the warm waters of a traditional onsen resort in Hakone or Yamashiro and Yamanaka. 
  • Re-imagine Hiroshima, a city once destroyed by an atomic bomb and now a thriving, international metropolis.
  • Discover Okinawa, a laid-back and idyllic island with a surprising fusion of cultures.



Vibrant cities, amazing food and wine, and breathtaking landscapes – now that’s what Portugal is about.

At the western edge of Europe, Portugal is a culturally rich country with vibrant cities and villages steeped in history. Quaint towns stand proud on rugged cliff tops, gothic spires rise majestically and charming cobbled streets invite you to explore winding old towns. A visit to Portugal is bound to be one of lasting memories and extraordinary experiences:

  • Admire the remarkable monuments in Lisbon. 
  • Drink in the breathtaking views at Cape St Vincent
  • Taste wine by the vineyards of the Douro Valley. 
  • Immerse yourself in the nightlife of Porto. 
  • Relive days gone by in the medieval walled town of Monsaraz.
  • Soak up the sun on the beaches of the Algarve. 
  • Enjoy the tranquility and tradition of  Alenteio. 

The world famous Portuguese wine, the pastries and the seafood, and so much more food – this is what Portugal is about. We’ll take you to these tours too. One of the best ways to discover a country apart from its beautiful scenes to see, is to eat their food!

Whether it’s a beach holiday you need, or a cultural and culinary experience, Portugal is waiting to reveal its treasures.

There you have it. The new 5 places you can visit this year. Let us know what you think and email us below so we can talk about the itinerary that matches your style.

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