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Mission Statement

We are  committed to travel as a lifestyle. We aim to help people bring their jet-setting fantasies to life and strive to give our hospitality clients opportunities to achieve more by reaching the right clients through the power of digital marketing.

About LUXWT Realty

Luxwt Realty was founded to provide a solution to a growing need in the multibillion dollar luxury real estate market. Luxury Real Estate is undergoing the largest marketing transition it has experienced in the last hundred years. Brokerages and homeowners have historically utilized still photography and traditional marketing methods along with local MLS services to advertise their marquee listings for sale and lease. They are now scrambling to transition into marketing their portfolios on the web and social media with videos and aerial cinematography to an international marketplace.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of these brokerages and homeowners do not specialize in digital content creation, video production and digital marketing. 

LUXWT Realty was founded as an extension of Luxury World Traveler, one  the premier luxury lifestyle media companies. Luxury World Traveler specializes in producing high end digital media and marketing it through social media and various other online platforms. Their expertise in this area has led to them to amass a combined social media following of over 5.0 million people worldwide. Likewise Luxury World Traveler has now partnered and worked with over 700 of the top luxury hospitality and real estate companies in the world.

Our Goal

LUXWT Realty was created to become a virtual digital marketing extension for our luxury real estate clients. We understand the complexities and how expensive it is to currently market real estate online. With our expertise in digital media, and our large network of over 5,000,000 international social media followers, we hope to become an invaluable asset to our real estate clients. Our goal is to become one of the world’s premier digital marketing agencies for marketing luxury real estate.